Your Rights as a Debtor

Creditors must follow rules when trying to collect a debt from you.  Know your rights as a debtor.  Have you recently been harassed by creditors calling and threatening you at every turn?  It is a very unsettling feeling. Stop living in fear of your phone ringing or your wages being garnished.  Contact our Henderson debt relief lawyer and know what your rights are as a debtor.

There are laws that control what debt collectors can do and say. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act control what debt collectors can do and say.  Many of the debt collectors do abide by the rules set forth, however, there are also those that break this federal law and practice illegal debt collection practices.  These laws were all established to protect your rights as a consumer.

Our Henderson bankruptcy lawyers know the rules. We will explain how you can stop creditor harassment. Additionally, if a collector steps over the line, we are ready to apply the law and take legal action as necessary to protect your rights as a debtor.