Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain How To File For Bankruptcy Multiple Times In Nevada

Henderson residents explore the possibility of filing for bankruptcy again as many had to file back in 2008-2010 when the housing market crashed. Similarly, economic hardships have once again struck Las Vegas and Henderson. Our Nevada Debt Relief Team is here to assist.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Explaining How To File For Bankruptcy More Than Once In Nevada

Why Henderson, NV Residents are Filing for Bankruptcy Protection In 2021

In these tough economic times, many people in Henderson and throughout Clark County, Nevada are having real struggles with their finances. These hardships likely are related to the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, when people are searching for answers, often a possible solution to their troubles is filing for bankruptcy.

Declaring bankruptcy in Henderson is one of the toughest financial decisions a person has to make in their life. Life sometimes throws us more than one curve ball and declaring bankruptcy might be the best option on more than one occasion. Sometimes, people file for bankruptcy protection multiple times.

Is There a Limit on How Many Times I Can File for Bankruptcy?

No, there is no limit on the number of times you can file for bankruptcy in Nevada. In fact, you can file for bankruptcy as many times as you want as long as you wait the required number of years between the filings. (The required number of years are listed below and vary by Chapter of bankruptcy filed.)

If you have already filed for bankruptcy in the past and are considering filing again, our Nevada Bankruptcy Lawyers advise speaking to an experienced BK Lawyer to determine whether you are eligible for a second bankruptcy filing.

Filing for Bankruptcy a Second Time in Nevada

Filing bankruptcy for a 2nd time is something that can happen. Whereas, some people find themselves facing renewed financial difficulties soon after emerging from a bankruptcy filing. It is really not all that unusual that financial hardship strikes again after a person may have just alleviated their debt through filing BK. Therefore, if you are considering filing for a second time in Nevada, you may want to learn about the rules that govern repeat bankruptcy filings in Nevada. The requirements differ depending on whether you are filing under the same chapter or a different chapter from before.

Whether or not You can Get Your Debts Discharged a Second Time Bankruptcy Filing in Henderson, NV Depends on The Following Three Factors:

  • What bankruptcy chapter you previously filed.
  • How long it has been since your last bankruptcy filing.
  • The outcome of your previous bankruptcy case.

If you are curious if you can discharge your debt for a 2nd time, contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys from our Henderson Debt Relief Team. We offer free debt evaluations so that you can learn which forms of debt relief are most suitable for your current financial situation.

How Long Should I Wait to File for Bankruptcy Again?

If you are struggling with debt again after filing bankruptcy, you are probably asking: “How Long Do I Have to Wait to File BK Again?” There are certain time restrictions for filing for bankruptcy a second time after your debts have been discharged. However, the time limits depend on what chapter you filed in the past and what chapter you are planning on filing now.

As you have learned earlier in this bankruptcy blog, you can file for bankruptcy more than once in Henderson, Nevada. However, how long you have to wait to file depends on what Chapter of bankruptcy you are wanting to now file and what Chapter of BK your last bankruptcy filing was.

Here’s How Long You Must Wait to File for Bankruptcy After The Last Bankruptcy Filing:

  • Eight (8) years after first filing Chapter 7 to file for Chapter 7 again.
  • Six (6) years after first filing Chapter 13 to file for Chapter 7 this time.
  • Four (4) years after first filing Chapter 7 to file for Chapter 13 this time.
  • Two (2) years after first filing Chapter 13 to file for Chapter 13 this time.

As you can see, you can file chapter 13 bankruptcy in Nevada sooner than a Chapter 7 after previously filing a bankruptcy. Therefore, if you find yourself in a tough financial situation evan after filing a bankruptcy previously, the above time limits can help you determine when you can file for another BK in Henderson, Clark County, Nevada.

Additionally, you can also pursue other options for debt relief if you are not able to file bankruptcy again or would prefer to avoid it a second time. For additional debt relief options or to file bankruptcy, set up an appointment with our Henderson Bankruptcy Attorneys today. The consult and the advice are free. Plus, all of our debt relief consults are 100% confidential.



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