Questions To Consider When Consulting With a Bankruptcy Lawyer In The Greater Las Vegas Metro Area

You probably have a lot on your plate if you’re considering filing bankruptcy. Between monitoring your accounts, dealing with creditors, and maybe even working extra hours to try to make ends meet, hiring a Henderson bankruptcy attorney to handle your case for you may sound appealing. Not only that, but attorney representation will greatly increase your odds of successfully discharging your debts in bankruptcy. Many bankruptcy attorneys will sell you an ideal picture of how your bankruptcy will go, and suddenly become busy and unavailable once you have paid a deposit. With all that’s on the line during a bankruptcy, you deserve an attorney who is considerate, knowledgeable, and experienced. Consider asking the following questions during your initial consultation to ensure that your bankruptcy attorney is the best fit for you.

Questions That You May Find Helpful When Consulting With a Bankruptcy Lawyer In Las Vegas, NV

Which Chapter(s) Of Bankruptcy Can I File?

It isn’t uncommon to qualify for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, although many people who file bankruptcy only qualify for one or the other. Qualification usually hinges on how recently any previous bankruptcies were filed, and your income level. A bankruptcy attorney should be able to help you determine which chapters you can file during your initial consultation, as long as you have a good idea of your average monthly income over the past 6 months.

Do You Use An Answering Service?

Some bankruptcy firms’ advertisements will make it seem like the office is bustling and busy, with several staff members assisting the attorney(s) with cases. But many small firms and solo practices use an answering service and little to no support staff. That means when you call your attorney with questions and concerns about your case, the person answering the phone might not even be in the same state as your attorney. If you find this worrying, you need to look for a law firm that is locally staffed.

If I Need To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Approximately How Much Will My Monthly Payments Be?

If you bring enough income information to your initial consultation for your attorney to determine your qualifications, your attorney should also be able to estimate your plan length and what your plan payments would be in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Plus, if you make less than your state’s median income for your household size, your Chapter 13 bankruptcy will last 3 years. Also, if your income exceeds the state median for your household size, your plan will last 5 years.

Your Chapter 13 plan payments will depend on your debts and how much disposable monthly income you have available. Make sure you have a good idea about how much debt you have, including the balances on loans for your secured debts. If you have enough income information with you at your consultation to make sure that you qualify, your attorney can also help you estimate your disposable monthly income, and in turn, your Chapter 13 plan payments.

Have You Represented Clients With Cases Like Mine?

While most bankruptcy cases have several things in common, there are also several factors that can make a bankruptcy case unique and complex. For example, if your home is on the brink of foreclosure, you will need an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who can do emergency filings. If you want to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and keep your current vehicle, you may want an attorney who is familiar with reaffirmation and redemption procedures. Your attorney should be able to answer basic questions about your situation without extensive research during your initial consultation.

How Should I Submit The Documents Necessary For My Petition?

There are several types of documents your attorney will need to create your bankruptcy petition. Your attorney should provide you with a list of them once you retain, if not sooner. But before you do retain, you may want to ask how your attorney will accept these documents. Some attorneys may require that you drop physical copies of the documents off at your office, or send them by mail. This can be inconvenient and expensive for you, not to mention it being environmentally burdensome. Scanning and emailing documents to your attorney can be more convenient, but could be a security risk. Check during your consultation if your attorney has a secure portal where you can upload your bankruptcy documents.

How Much Do You Charge For An Initial Consultation?

Before the consultation even begins, you should probably confirm how much you will be paying for it. Some bankruptcy attorneys charge for consultations, while others offer initial consultations for free. Keep in mind that you may be required to pay a deposit or a nominal fee if you miss and reschedule your consultation several times. Free consultations allow you to interview more Henderson bankruptcy attorneys to make sure you end up with one who is a good fit for you. For your free consultation with our Nevada bankruptcy lawyers, call or use our online form to schedule.

What Types Of Payment Options Do You Offer?

A giant hurdle to filing bankruptcy is coming up with the money to do so. The filing fees for a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are $338 and $313, respectively. And you can expect to pay far more for attorney’s fees. If you are filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, some or all of your attorney’s fees can actually be included in your payment plan. If up front costs are an issue, you can look for an attorney who will allow you to pay a relatively low down payment and factor the rest of your attorney’s fees into your payment plan.

Paying off your Chapter 7 bankruptcy in installments isn’t so simple. Debts incurred before the petition filing date will be discharged, so most bankruptcy attorneys require that your attorney’s fees are paid in full before your case can be filed. But our Nevada bankruptcy lawyers offer payment plans for Chapter 7 bankruptcy that start at $0 down for eligible clients. If you have sufficient regular income, you can pay for your bankruptcy with some attorneys after your petition has been filed, once the Automatic Stay is in effect and wage garnishments and other collections are stopped. This is thanks to a process known as bifurcation, which basically means that your case will be filed twice.

You can begin incurring debts again after the first filing, so your attorney will technically only charge for work completed after that point. If you find an attorney who does offer Chapter 7 payment plan options, there are a few more specific questions you should ask:
Can my filing fee be included in the post-filing payment plan?

  • What will my interest rate be?
  • How long do I have to pay off my balance?
  • Can I choose when my payments are processed?
  • Does the payment plan include credit reporting?

Contact Our Henderson Bankruptcy Lawyers For Assistance

There are countless other questions you may have before solidifying your decision to declare bankruptcy. Our Nevada bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations to help you feel confident with your decision. We also offer Zero Down Payment Plans with a 0% interest rate and credit reporting. To learn more, call or use our online form to schedule your consultation with our experienced Nevada bankruptcy lawyers today. We have offices in Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys and Henderson bankruptcy lawyers to better serve you. Plus, we offer zero down bankruptcy filings throughout Nevada.



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